How to Cope with Anxiety

I recently had the fantastic opportunity to work with a fellow blogger. I wrote about my personal experience with anxiety and how I feel it has led me down pathways I wouldn’t have otherwise ventured. During my post, I mentioned 7 ways to help cope with anxiety.

When I am talking about ideas that can help, I am talking of day to day ideas. Panic attacks themselves, I feel, are incredibly personal and we all have different ways of dealing with them and I wouldn’t want to make you feel that there are any right or wrong ways to manage them. Just remember you don’t have to be sorry to anyone for the way you are feeling.

7 Ideas to help:

  1. Morning routine. Establish a positive morning routine. This might mean meditation, yoga, exercise, journal writing, listening to / reading a motivating book or listening to motivating tunes.
  2. Music. I think music has such an effect on our mood. Make the time to create a playlist which makes you feel powerful and motivated and listen to it whenever you start to feel worried or anxious. Read about my take on music here.
  3. Good Food and movement. I cannot stress enough that we are what we eat and good, nutritious food will have a positive effect on how you are feeling. For me, making sure I eat complex carbohydrates helps me to feel calmer. This is because it helps the release of serotonin into your body and this in turn helps to make you feel calmer. There is also a lot of research out there which suggests walks in nature to help calm and make you feel more relaxed. I personally love to workout a few times a week. The benefits aren’t instantaneous for me but after a few weeks, I feel much more energised and content.
  4. Laughter. If you research the power of laughter on physical health, you will find a strong connection between the two. Try and have something recorded on your phone/ TV which you know will make you laugh and watch it often or as needed.
  5. Use technology. Most of us have access to a phone. Create a new album in your photos and call it POWER. Now save any inspiring screen shots or photos which make you smile, laugh or feel inspired. This way, you can look at them whenever and wherever you are.
  6. Affirmations. For those who are not aware, affirmations are positive statements which make you feel motivated and positive. They are in the present tense. An example, I am strong. You can find lots of these on the internet or you can create your own and have them stuck on walls etc in your personal space so you can see them often. If you don’t like that idea then take photos of them and save them in your POWER album. I have also created some for you ready to print. You can find them under the MOTIVATION tab of my site.
  7. Reflection and gratitude. Reflect on your day and think of every tiny little thing you were grateful for during the day. Under no circumstances are you to feel guilty for your anxiety or worries. I spent so many years apologising for my panic attacks and it only led to self hate. Instead, celebrate the wins.

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How To Cope With Anxiety

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