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Are you a thinker or a doer?

There is a general agreement that we can either think in detail or do in detail but we cannot do them at the same time. If I asked you to describe how you think, what would you say? Some of you would probably say that you think about things which need to be done. You spend your thinking time planning and organising things in your head.

The other type of thinking

The other type of thinking is the worrying and ruminating that ALL of us do at some point. We have thoughts (normally negative) which play on loop in our heads. We criticise ourselves or we constantly worry about what we have just said to a group of friends. Why did I say that? They will think I am an idiot now etc

This type of thinking is physically exhausting and it adds nothing to our day. In fact for some of us, it exhausts us to the point where we don’t have the energy to do anything! As someone who has anxiety, this is definitely true of me. I have some helpful advice for those of you who have anxiety. Keep reading to find out what I find helps.

Why is thinking important then?

Thinking is vital in reflecting on our actions to decide if what we did was beneficial, what we learnt from it and how we can move on. Without this type of thinking, we could be doing lots of different things but not making any progress. Without this element of reflection and planning, success will always be just out of reach.

What should you do to succeed?

The answer is a balance of the two. Thinking will only get you so far. Take for example, starting your own business. You have planned what products / services you want to sell. You have thought about who your ideal client is. This knowledge is vital but if you don’t act on it then it will never be anything more than thoughts and pipe dreams. Doing is necessary for success. We know this.

Where we get caught out is in the type of thinking we are doing. We naturally default to ruminating and worrying with a handful of doubt thrown in too. Some of us are not even aware we are doing it. This is when our brain has taken over, we become exhausted, we excessively think about things which don’t serve us and we stop accomplishing and achieving.

How to turn it around

This is where having anxiety has helped me so much. Yes, helped! I was taught a great way to deal with my worries which has served me well and can be used here. It was to set aside time to think. I know that sounds strange but I found setting myself 30 minutes to just think about all the things which were worrying me and why, helped me to stop excessively thinking and worrying during the day. The idea was that for the rest of the day, I would concentrate on doing rather than thinking. This didn’t mean that I stopped thinking, it simply meant that I could focus better on what needed to be done rather than exhausting myself with excessive and often negative thinking.

Making it work for you

If you want to succeed in whatever endeavor you are working towards, making sure you put time aside to think could make a real difference in what you end up doing with your day. Here are some ideas to think about:

  1. Work out what you need your thinking time for. Do you need it to plan and organise or do you need to think through something which is worrying you?
  2. Are you a morning person or a night owl? Work out a time which is best suited for you to get your thinking time in.
  3. How are you going to approach your thinking time? Are you going to write it down?
  4. How are you going to prevent it from being a negative experience? I always find including a visualisation of how I want my day to go helps as well as making sure that I write down what I am grateful for.

For me, this is all about learning that yes, thoughts pop into our head constantly throughout the day but we don’t have to let them control our day. You are not your thoughts and you can choose not to listen to what they are saying.

To help you, I have created a PDF journal. It is made for a week but you can print off as many as you would like. They encourage you to set up a daily routine of setting time aside and then it gives you the space to write down what you are thinking.

If you are interested in downloading this FREE gift, then click HERE. Don’t forget to check in with me to see how you are using it and how you getting on with it.

You’ve got this,

Much love,


Kate x




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