planning time in teaching

How to cut down on your planning time when you are new to teaching

Planning overload! When we first start out in teaching, it can be incredibly overwhelming. There is so much to remember and do and oh yes, don’t forget to actually teach too! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out why teacher retention is dropping. However, teaching can be fun, fulfilling and rewarding so how …

Moving away from PowerPoint in language lessons

Moving away from PowerPoint in Language Lessons

PowerPoint As teachers, we all use PowerPoint. They can be a safety net for us. However, sometimes, if we follow them too rigidly, they can hinder the learning in the lesson. Moving away from them every so often can re-invigorate us as teachers, encourage enthusiasm in our students and reduce our planning time. So what …

teacher marking and feedback

Teacher Well-being: How to reduce your marking and have an even bigger impact on progress

Teacher Well-being Well-being is such a buzz word at the moment and while I think it is vital, it is sometimes used as a plaster to cover up the tougher issues. It needs to be more than just adding yoga to the school diary each week. I love yoga but I am also aware that …

live the life you want

5 reasons to step out of your comfort zone and live the life you want

Life is Short You know that life is short and yet most of you will spend your days going through the motions or worse, doing things you hate. Why? Because it is completely normal. It is the norm to go to work, to bring in money so you can have the things you value and …