Small Changes Maximum Impact Coaching Package

1- month coaching package

Are you feeling:

  • overwhelmed? 
  • worried about the future?
  • stuck under a dark cloud?
  • trapped by insecurities?

Have you tried therapy and now you are left thinking ‘but what do I do now?’ ‘What steps can I take to move forward?’

I get it and understand the crippling fear you can feel when your world becomes a dark place to live. 

HOWEVER, I know that there is hope, there IS a way to get out from under the cloud. 

From a young age, I was on the receiving end of therapy and while helpful, after years of therapy, I realised that I needed something more so I embarked on a journey to find the tools to get to the root and help change those deeply embedded beliefs that led to my anxiety in the first place. 

This was a true game changer because it forced me to look within myself; to see how I talked to myself, how I viewed myself and how I could change from the outside in. It then meant that I could introduce small, daily shifts which then became habits and I eventually blossomed from scared and unsure to happy and excited by the future and possibilities.  

Now, it’s my passion to be that support for you. I’d like to teach you the same tools so that you can get out from under that dark cloud and find your own joy and excitement in every day. 

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What can you expect during  ‘small changes maximum impact’?

During this life-changing month, we’lll work together on setting up small, daily habits to enable you to become more self-reflective, more self-aware and more confident in making those all important shifts so that you can be you, without self-doubt, without anxiety controlling your every decision and action and so that you can feel calmer in your own body and find the joy in every day. 

It will include:

  • 4 x 50 minute sessions
  • talking though and implementing ideas and habits that you want to create to reduce the anxiety you are feeling and increase a sense of calm and joy.
  • self-reflection and goal setting so that you can create a more purposeful routine and take control from your anxiety so that it stops controlling you.

Who is it for?

This coaching package is for you if you feel:

  • Stuck
  • Anxious
  • Overwhelmed 
  • Trapped 

It is definitely for you if you have:

  • already tried a form of therapy for anxiety but have been left frustrated and stuck on how to move forward and start making significant change in both your thoughts and emotions. 

IMPORTANT: For these sessions to be successful you have to be ready and committed to give it 110% effort. You must be open and ready to make small changes every day and be prepared to stick with it through the tough days as well as the good. 

What have other people said about working with Kate?

I’ve been lucky to work with some truly inspirational people. Here are a few examples of what they have said about working with me:

Just wanted to say thank you so much for your time yesterday! I found the session incredibly useful. Having never done anything like that, you made the situation feel very easy! I felt I was able to learn a lot in the short time and have a lot of realistic strategies to implement moving forward.


I found it so helpful. You were so supportive of my thinking and I already feel so much better in myself and what’s going on in my mind.


About Kate

I’m Kate and I’m an Anxiety Coach and a Master Practitioner in NLP and I help people with anxiety to take back control from their fear and start to find their own calm and joy in every day. 

I started becoming obsessed with our brains and how our thoughts and emotions work from a young age after I started to experience panic attacks as a child. I went onto study education at university where I learnt more about psychology and finally went onto qualify as a teacher where I have been for the last 14 years. Through teaching this need to support others with anxiety has continued to grow and two years ago, I gained my diploma in Coaching and Mentoring and then last year completed my NLP Master Practitioner qualification. In my spare time, you can find me listening to audiobooks about how our brains work, reading about how our thoughts work, eating pizza or dancing round the kitchen with my 2 kids.  

What is the investment for you?

The investment for this ‘small changes maximum impact coaching programme  is normally £300 for 4 sessions but for a LIMITED time, you can get this life changing programme to help you learn the tools to manage your anxiety once and for all for a special price of £240 (£60 savings). 

I’m only offering this for a short amount of time and space is limited to 5 people and is first come, first serve, so if you know now is the time to make lasting change in the way you feel so you can start living your joy out from under that dark cloud, please don’t hesitate to book a free time to talk below!



Much love,

Kate x